Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Could it be any more trashy? Oh trust me, it could.
Do you know how people yesterday would go: April Fool's! and then you ask what the joke is and they respond Me. Me and my life. It is all a joke. I am a big fucking joke. Ha.
Well, there you go.

Three things I enjoy:
Dressing up as somebody I am not and then behaving like that person and documenting it with photobooth. I have a large collection of photos of all the different characters in my closet and head.
Ugly wallpapers in real life and on the computer
Childishly giggling at mannequins who act like real people.

What are three things you enjoy?


  1. Maybe it´s just me but i like the ugly wallpapers :D

    I almost never use the computer photobooth but it´s look like fun!