Saturday, 19 January 2013


Hamburg ist immer noch megakalt & megageil (megakühl?)
Waiting with the family for photos to develop and waiting inside for the cold and the snow to go away and bring me light and bearable temperatures again. bitte bitte vielen dank.
On the plusside: I wear my Russiancoat a lot and combined with the cold and the greyness of the city, I feel like I'm living in a completely different era.


  1. where is that other photoautomat?

    1. when you walk from slim jim's to feldstraße and you stay on the feldstraßemetro side of the street, you'll see him there next to an umbrella-automat! (on the corner of the big streets)

  2. Such a pretty photo you made of your family :) Too bad you're not in it, though! How did the photos turn out? :)