Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Pictures of my previous evaluations, where we thought of a 'genderless' future, wrote tons of essays and made weird collages.
This time it was much more a pain in the ass, but I passed, got a recommandation for atelier 3 (which is nice!) and got all my sleep back (slept 26 hour in the past two days) and I'll be going to England on Sunday, so all is good.

And if you're expecting a baby and want it to be as cool as this kid, I will be happy to make you an 'it's a baby' garland. Maybe it will help. The colours will be 'pastel' and 'lilac' because they're the ~*colours of the future*~ and I know because my teacher said so and she is a trendforecaster and lives 14 years from now.