Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I talked about the sea before, but this little beach, and this part of the ocean was by far my favourite of all the seas and beaches I've seen in my life. I will tell you how we met.
It was a bit of a windy day, not raining like the days before, but not quite calm yet, we had arrived late at the campside that day, so the sun would set soon. We had to walk fast. There was a small 'inland sea' that we had to walk by to get to the end. We passed empty beach houses and abondened fisher boats. As we got closer, the sea, even in between land, became wilder, it was making strange turns and twists as if a large animal was hiding under it. A few men were fishing, their wives sat behind them, eating sandwiches and yelling at the kids who were running around. At the end of the beach was a small stairs to the rocks. When we jumped we could just reach it, the sea was coming closer, soon you wouldn't be able to use the stairs at all.
There was a lookout, but also a small beach, not much bigger than an average living room. The rocks were shaped as if they were made for us, viewers. I settled down between them, let them protect me from the strong wind. And I just watched. Again and again waves came rolling to the shore, surrounded by watersmoke, just to crash down and flood the beach up to a few steps away from my hiding place. Seven small waves and one big one. During the small waves, little crabs came out of the sand to watch the sea as well.
I somehow wanted to capture the moment forever and took many pictures, but after a while I realized that I would just remember it anyway so I stopped and just enjoyed.

As of today I'm starting a project for myself, valuable nothing. The art of doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it, treating it as if it is the most important thing you can ever do.

Like many of the places we visited in Australia, this was also just a one-night stay. So the next morning I went back to enjoy it one final time, thinking I could stay there forever, and just thinking about it makes me completely happy again.


  1. leuk project bobbel, brengt me op een ideetje

  2. oh wow. i can see why this is a favorite of yours... it looks like a fantastic destination :)

    beautiful photos!