Tuesday, 6 September 2011


The next half year, will be themed with 'religion', I am beyond excited about this. It's going to be amazing. I'm so happy I'm in this department, and here, in general. More and more these days (now that we're getting older and getting used here) I feel so privileged to be surrounded by amazing and inspiring people, just making beautiful and great things and having long and endless talks about our current positions as designers / artists, about print being dead or not, about inspiration, about 'trends' and how things are changing. 
That may sound stupid, but I was just sitting in class today with all these amazing people and I felt so happy. Then we got tons of long presentations and now I'm mainly hungry and tired, but still. I'm happy. And excited! and who knows, maybe after some time on this project, I'll be religious as well. 


  1. I love this photograph.... and I'm happy to hear that you're happy!
    Being around people whom you can discuss such matters always makes me feel really good too.

  2. that must be so interesting! i'm a bit jealous..
    and great photograph.