Thursday, 21 June 2012


I just received my official letter of acceptance for half a year of Stage Design in a city where the rivers are filled with vegatarian hamburgers (at least in my dreams). All I need in life now is a nice place to live for a few months. If you know of anything, anyone, just let me know :). I figure if I just let as many people as possible know, maybe things will be easier.
Reto: what a cool name. 


  1. congratulations! well, you have a cool name too :D and look how cute the name of the street is

  2. Gefeliciteerd Bobby! Ik was in december in Hamburg op bezoek bij een vriend van me die daar studeert aan HFBK! Ik ben toen meegegaan naar het kerstfeest en die school was echt zo mooi! En leuke sfeer ook daar, leuke mensen. Denk dat het iets voor jou zal zijn!
    En ik vind Hamburg zelf ook een heel leuke stad.

  3. congratulations!
    for which months exactly are you looking?

    1. from september/october to march/april :)

  4. wow wow congratulations!!

  5. congratulations! i used to be a more silent reader from hamburg but i will check if i know someone with a free room for the time. and yes, there are vegan burgers - not that many but at least some. and definitely the best vegan pizza and ice cream! :)

  6. hej, i might know somebody with a spare room in a really nice neighboorhood (altona) at least from september to december. it is not safe but if you are interested you can contact me via carosiili (at) web (dot) de