Saturday, 16 July 2011


This week has been filled with amazing food and a lot of it. Lots of cake, pancakes and healthy delicious dinners.
I made a lot of small packages today with see-through envelopes filled with little treasures. I like doing this.

Tomorrow we're going away for five weeks. We'll go to Hong Kong first and then to Melbourne and then travel the westcoast of Australia. I am beyond excited!
Also: If you know good summer songs or mixes, please do let me know, all my music is still in winter and I want some nice new music.


  1. This bus looks so lovely! And I love making little packages, too. With treasures to be found and letters.. it is amazing there are still that few people who don´t send everything through the internet. :)
    You may try "Angus and Julia Stone" which is quite warm band.. and Bill Withers is really good, but might be a bit sad for summer. ;)

  2. awww! have a good trip & a lot of moodfood*