Thursday, 27 September 2012


very grainy photos from wonderful carrides in the cabrio. I have nothing with cars, but the sensation and joy of being in a cabrio, driving on seemingly endless roads with the wind blowing in your face and the whisper of music through the old radio, is one of the best feelings in the world. It's actually the only reason I'm considering getting my driver's licence at some point. But I guess I can also just find more friends with cabriocars to take me on trips on summerdays.


  1. Ik hou van korrelige foto's!

  2. ohh this looks so nice!

    thank you for your lovely comment. i'm trying to enjoy my voice, but it's absolutely non-sexy and hard to talk sometimes. and my constellation is the major bear :-) i'll be posting a photo or two soon! i'm also very glad you like the image, i did it!

    digital catcuddles for you too! meow <3

  3. I really like that first photograph.

  4. i love driving around with friends, the feeling you get looking out of the window, and the wind in your hair. the photos look exactly like this feeling <3