Monday, 14 March 2011


whoo. 111th post.
I have been thinking about what to do for this (no, not really actually) but Martin had a nice idea '111 something'. So it will be a list of 111 awesome people. Whether they're just really nice, or make amazing things or wear beautiful clothes or have a Russian accent or a funny name, they'll end up on the list and you can talk to them or google them and have a better life or something.
I'll devide it into batches of 10 (and 11) and just put in the people that pop into my head.

Amazing people, I



  1. you are also incredibly amazing <3 I can't wait to see you in April!!

  2. hahahahah you're number one is Darwin? GOOOOO EVOLUTION!
    I would have thougt your favorite weird named Swedish backpack maker, Fjallraven Kanken, was destined to be numer one. Or is that not a person?