Friday, 4 September 2009


Can we please take a moment?
I'll give you Jethro. He is amazing.

Reasons why I like him:
1. He has amazing knitwear. And looks good wearing it.
2. His clothes-hangers tattoo
3. His hair!
4. That he is such a pretty girl as well.
5. He can wear short jeans and look good. Am a sucker for jeans shorts.
6. Even his shadow is cool.
7. He looks so weird when he smokes.
8. Actually, he's quite ugly. that makes it even better.
9. Hedi likes him.
10. His name. ha.


  1. wat leuk dat je me herkende! jethro cave is echt zo tof en ik ben dol op zijn haar!

  2. agreed, his clothes-hangers tattoo's are insanely cool

  3. WOW, he is so beautiful, so everything.